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Sophrodyne Aerospace attends Ignite Space 2021

Sophrodyne Aerospace attended this year's Ignite Space event, hosted by the UK Space Agency at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre on 11 November.

It was a pleasure to see so many old faces at one of the first person-to-person conferences to be held in many months. An even greater pleasure was to meet a few young and obviously talented new entrants to the field. Some very exciting projects are in their early stages and will undoubtedly bear fruit in the coming years.

Some of the issues being faced by these young companies were very familiar to us from our experiences over the last years in developing a range of tools and methodologies for the analysis and design of future space vehicles.

Indeed we look forward to supporting this small community with our technical expertise as it expands and grows.

Sophrodyne Aerospace attends the 47th European Rotorcraft Forum

Sophrodyne Aerospace attended the 47th European Rotorcraft Forum that was held from 7 September - 9 September 2021. Roughly 120 papers on topics ranging from Aerodynamics to Safety were presented over the course of the event.

With the growth of interest in eVTOL aircraft, much of the technical discussion centred around how to reliably and accurately predict the aerodynamic performance of these vehicles, particularly where it impacts on public acceptance and safety.

It was clear from proceedings that understanding the aerodynamics, flight dynamics, vibration and noise of rotorcraft that have configurations as complex as those of the recent crop of eVTOL designs requires specialist insights beyond what the standard tools can offer.

The use of tools that have been developed specifically for the analysis of vortex-dominated flows, such as our Vorticity Transport Model, would seem to offer clear advantages in being able to identify and avoid some of the aerodynamic problems that are endemic to this type of vehicle.

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